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The Coach-Parenting License Agreement


The Coach-Parenting™ License Agreement (“Agreement”) confirms the terms under which you are authorized to use Deborah Phillips’ copyrighted materials to present Coach-Parenting™ workshops, groups, classes, and teleclasses including:


· The Coach-Parenting™ Certified Parent Program book and/or audio course

· The Coach-Parenting™ Toolkit

· The Coach-Parenting™ Toolkit for Childcare Providers and Teachers

· The book and/or ebook entitled How to Know What To Do In Your Parenting Situations

· The book and/or ebook entitled The Coach-Parenting™ Manual for Childcare Providers and Teachers

· The Coach-Parenting™ Handbook for Coaches and Facilitators

· And, any accompanying materials provided to you by Deborah Phillips (collectively, the “Materials”).



1. License Grant.  Deborah Phillips hereby grants you a personal, terminable, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the Coach-Parenting™ Materials at workshops, groups, and classes conducted by you in person or via teleclass using the Coach-Parenting™ method. 


a.                   Training. You agree to complete the Coach-Parenting™ Certified Coach Training prior to presenting, teaching, distributing, or using any of the Materials. 


b.                  Restrictions: You may not authorize or train others to conduct training seminars/workshops using the Coach-Parenting™ Materials and/or workshops.  Deborah Phillips separately certifies and licenses each individual who wishes to present Coach-Parenting™ Materials.  This license is not transferable or assignable to any other party.


The Materials are licensed, not sold, and except as expressly licensed to you in this Agreement, Deborah Phillips retains all right, title and interest in and to the Materials.  For example, you are not authorized to conduct training seminars via broadcast, web-cast or via any other mass media technology.  Your license specifically does not give you the right to repackage, broadcast or rebroadcast the program in email, ezine or ecourse format. 


Your license allows you to reproduce the Coach-Parenting™ Toolkit and the Coach-Parenting™ Toolkit for Childcare Providers and Teachers solely to attendees at workshops conducted by you in person or via teleclass. Your license does not allow you to reproduce any other Coach-Parenting™ Materials.  All reproduction must retain the copyright notice and contact information for Deborah Phillips and Coach-Parenting™ at the bottom of each page as follows:


Copyright © 2002-2007 by Deborah Phillips.  All rights reserved.  Contact Deborah Phillips at 1-425-881-7170, deborah@coach-parenting.com, www.coach-parenting.com, P.O. Box 3471 Redmond, WA 98073 USA.


The Material must be used in conjunction with a coaching or training program delivered by you, and may not be sold or published separately.  All replication of the Materials must be complete and without alteration or modification of any kind except to add your contact information. 


You may not represent yourself as the author of any of the Materials.  You must deliver the program, in general, as outlined in the Materials.  If you alter the structure or content of the program significantly, you must obtain the written permission of Deborah Phillips.  You must obtain written permission from Deborah Phillips before translating the Materials.


c.                   Delivery: Deborah Phillips will make the Materials available to you in a format chosen in her discretion, including without limitation in CD format, via access to the Coach-Parenting™ website from which you may download the Materials, in printed format, and/or in some other format for use in accordance with this Agreement.


d.                  Trademark Usage & Rights:  The Materials, their contents, and the Coach-Parenting™ name are owned by Deborah Phillips, and are protected by U.S. copyright and trademark laws and international treaty provisions.  You may use the Coach-Parenting™ logo on your website and other marketing materials.  You may not personalize or modify this logo except to resize it.  Deborah Phillips has approval rights over any marketing or promotion using the Coach-Parenting™ name, logo, and/or trademarks.  You must include the trademark symbol (™) and copyright and contact information for Deborah Phillips and Coach-Parenting™ in any use of the Coach-Parenting™ name.  The contact and copyright information for Deborah Phillips must appear a the bottom of every page used in your presentations, workshops, groups, and used as marketing materials as follows:


Copyright © 2002-2007 by Deborah Phillips.  All rights reserved.  Contact Deborah Phillips at 1-425-881-7170, deborah@coach-parenting.com, www.coach-parenting.com, P.O. Box 3471 Redmond, WA 98073 USA.


e.                   Payment and Delivery.  You agree to pay (or to confirm that you have already paid) Deborah Phillips a one-time license payment of US $279 for the right to use the Materials as authorized in Section 1 above.  Payment must be in United States dollars and is due in full together with a copy of this Agreement signed by you. 


f.                   No Warranties.  The Materials are provided to you “AS IS” and with no warranties of any kind, express or implied.  Deborah Phillips disclaims all implied warranties in connection with the Materials, including without limitation, accuracy of information, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability and non-infringement.  The Materials and information in them is not intended to substitute for medical or any other type of professional advice, counseling, diagnosis, or treatment.  You agree to always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider or counselor with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychiatric condition and agree to instruct all persons taking Coach-Parenting™ programs from you to do the same.  You are not authorized to make warranties about the Materials on Deborah Phillips’ behalf.


g.                  Termination.  If you breach this Agreement, Deborah Phillips may, in addition to other rights or remedies she may have, immediately terminate this Agreement effective upon notice to you.  Upon termination, you must return the Materials to Deborah Phillips and cease providing any Coach-Parenting™ programs and/or any Coach-Parenting™ Referred Work.  Upon termination, all your rights under this Agreement are terminated and you will be deemed to have assigned any and all goodwill you may have acquired in the Coach-Parenting™ trademarks and logos back to Deborah Phillips.



h.                  Independent Contractors.  Deborah Phillips and you are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will be construed as creating a partnership, franchise, joint venture, employer-employee, or agency relationship.  You are responsible for collecting, remitting and paying all taxes associated with conducting your training seminars/workshops and with your use of the Materials, including without limitation any business and occupation taxes and any income taxes.



i.                    Indemnity.  Upon notice from Deborah Phillips, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold Deborah Phillips, Coach-Parenting™ and its principles and employees harmless from all claims, losses and liabilities (including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) of every kind arising in connection with your use of the Materials. 



j.                    EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY AND LIMITATION ON REMEDIES. In no event will Deborah Phillips be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of your use of the Materials, including without limitation lost profits or business goodwill even if advised of the possibility of such damages.  In no event will Deborah Phillips’ liability to you exceed the amount paid by you under this Agreement.


k.                  Entire Agreement/Choice of Law/No Assignment.  Deborah Phillips reserves all rights not expressly granted to you.  This Agreement is the entire agreement between Deborah Phillips and you and is governed by the laws of the State of Washington.  You consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the federal and state courts sitting in King County, Washington.  This Agreement can only be amended in a paper document (e.g., not via email) signed by both parties and referencing this Agreement.  This Agreement may be assigned by Deborah Phillips but cannot be assigned by you without Deborah Phillips’ prior written approval.