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Three Ways Coach-Parenting Can Help You:

Coach Yourself During Difficult Parenting Situations


Coach-Parenting does not set out to solve a parenting situation for you -- instead, we teach you how to solve your own parenting troubles so you will know what to do any time, any how, in any situation.


At Coach-Parenting, we teach you how to solve your parenting situations by teaching you how to coach yourself in the middle of those situations. When coaching yourself, you learn to ask yourself the right questions to find the answers you need. When you are stuck in the middle of a tough parenting situation and aren't sure what to say or do next, you can ask yourself the right questions and you'll figure out what to say and/or do.


Teaching you how to coach yourself is part of a Three-Step Model that helps you take just 15-20 seconds to find the right thing to say and/or do in the midst of your toughest parenting situations. The Three-Step Model can be used again and again, no matter what the situation.


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