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Three Ways Coach-Parenting Can Help You:

Use Positive and Empowering Coaching Skills in Your Every Day Interactions with Your Children


Coach-Parenting will show you how you can have something nice to say in almost every parenting situation. No, we're not talking about sugar-coating or glossing-over bad situations with nice words -- we're talking about empowering your children to do and be their best.


Many parenting techniques involve convincing, forcing, or bribing children to behave. Many discipline techniques involve breaking a child down so they will give up to avoid punishment. Coaching skills allow you to do just the opposite.


When using coaching skills, you empower your children to make the right decisions, show them what is possible for them, and invite them to do and be their best. You help your children discover the joy of their own accomplishments and teach them to do the right things because they want to, not simply to avoid punishments.


Coach-Parenting will teach you a set of 10 positive and empowering skills that you can use to bring out the best in your children in most any situation. We will then teach you how to use each skill when needed most -- in the middle of a parenting situation. We will provide you with the

Coach-Parenting Tool Kit, your in-the-moment guide to using coaching skills whenever you need something empowering to say or do. 


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