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Become a Parent Coach


Do you have a background in parenting, education, or counseling and want to become a parent coach? Coach-Parenting offers a training and licensing program that:

The Coach-Parenting Certified Coach Training and Licensing program starts at just $155, and you're guaranteed to complete your training in less then one week. In addition, our personalized method allows you to add coaching skills and tools to the experience and education you already have.


Coach-Parenting offers three different packages of training and licensing, allowing you to find the perfect package for your needs.


Become a Parent Coach Gold Package

When you purchase the Gold Package, you will receive the Coach-Parenting

Certified Coach Training workbook (as described above), plus a Lifetime

Coach-Parenting License, an intellectual property license that gives you

authorization to use the Coach-Parenting materials in your work with

parents, childcare providers, and teachers.


In addition to the materials included in the workbook, you will also

receive: What to Do in Your Parenting Situations (e-book);

the Coach-Parenting Tool Kit; The Parenting Wheel; the Quick Check-Up

for Parents; the Coach-Parenting Manual for childcare providers and

teachers; the Coach-Parenting three-step model for childcare providers and teachers;

a Coach-Parenting slide presentation for childcare providers and teachers; a listing on the

Coach-Parenting Web site.


Note: The Coach-Parenting License requires that you complete the Coach-Parenting Certified Training, and that you complete and sign the License Agreement.


COST - $997 (US)

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Become a Parent Coach Platinum Package

The Platinum Package includes the Coach-Parenting Certified Coach Training and

Lifetime Coach-Parenting License (as described above), plus three sessions of

one-on-one mentor coaching with Deborah Phillips, founder of Coach-



The Platinum Package offers you a fast track to success. Deborah

shares with you her know-how on how to jump-start a successful

parent coaching business. Deborah will work with you in coaching

sessions where her only focus will be helping you develop and grow

your business as quickly as possible.


COST - $1297 (US)

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Become a Parent Coach Silver Package

The Silver Package provides you with Coach-Parenting Certified Coach Training.

You will learn how to coach around parenting issues with techniques such as:

a three-step model to coach parents around specific parenting situations;

how to help parents define their values; how to coach parents to express

their values in their everyday parenting; how to coach parents who come

to you in a crisis; how to know when your clients need additional

professionals help, and more.


Offered in a convenient self-study format, the Blue Package allows you to

learn coaching skills whenever and wherever fits your schedule. You receive the Coach-Parenting Certified Coach printed handbook, and a four-CD audio course. As you listen to the CDs and follow along in your handbook, you will learn first-hand techniques as they are taught live by Deborah Phillips.


The Silver Package is perfect for professionals who have experience in a field related to parenting and want to add coaching skills to their list of abilities.


COST - $497 (US)

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