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Frequently Asked Questions - Parents


What will I learn through the Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program?

The Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program will teach you how to use positive and empowering skills that will bring out the best in your children; how to choose parenting words and actions based on your own values, ideas, and beliefs; and how to coach yourself through almost any parenting situation.


What does it mean to coach myself and my children?

To coach someone means to bring out the best in that person. The Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program teaches you how to use a set of positive and empowering coaching skills with your children that will do just that. The program also teaches you to bring out the best in yourself so that you can be the parent you want to be, every day.


What topics are covered in the program?

The Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program includes:

How do I know this program will help in my parenting?

There are two unique aspects of the Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program that make it work. First, the program teaches you how to parent based on your own values, not the values of someone else. Second, the program does not tell you what to do as a parent but instead teaches you how to figure out your own solutions, any time, anywhere.


All of the skills and tools taught in the program are designed to be easy, quick (60 seconds or less) techniques that you can use in the middle of your parenting situations.


What age group does the program work best with?

The Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program is not designed for children of a specific age and is not limited to a specific age group. The program teaches you how to find solutions in parenting no matter what the age of your children. The tools taught in this program can be used throughout your parenting life, even after your children have grown and have babies of their own.


My spouse and I often disagree about how to parent. Will this program work for us?

Yes. In fact, spouses and partners who disagree about parenting often come to Coach-Parenting for help. The Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program will teach you how to cut through your "upper level parenting technique" disagreements (i.e. those about which punishment or reward to use, or those about how strict to be with a child) and focus on the core values that you and your spouse want to teach your children. In this way, both of you will be expressed in the final parenting decisions and you will both feel good about the messages being sent to your child.


What benefit comes from the Coach-Parenting private sessions?

The private sessions offered by Coach-Parenting are one-on-one sessions conducted via telephone with Deborah Phillips, the founder and president of Coach-Parenting. They are a way to quickly master the Coach-Parenting techniques.


During the sessions, Deborah will take you through the entire Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program and tailor all of the skills and tools in the program to specifically meet the needs of you and your family. She will also help you practice and perfect using the skills in your specific parenting situations, and teach you how to base everything you do as a parent on your personal values, beliefs, and ideas.


How do I order materials from Coach-Parenting?

Click here to view all of the Coach-Parenting materials available for parents, and to order your materials today!