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Coach-Parenting Customers Tell How

They Have Successfully Used the Coach-Parenting

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Turning Crazy into Simple

 “I have many decisions to make daily, and my values sheets have simplified the process,” says Martha. “I have already laminated two of my values sheets and posted them in different parts of the house. They are already making a significant difference in several areas of my life.”


Martha, a mother of seven, came to Coach-Parenting because her parenting was feeling a bit crazy; in particular, the time between school and bedtime was very hectic and disjointed. With a range of activities and the many different schedules of the family members, Martha wanted to simplify things. She wanted a way to create more stability in the family, without creating more checklists or troubles.


Martha worked with Coach-Parenting to identify her most important parenting values, a cornerstone of the Coach-Parenting technique. Coach-Parenting taught Martha how to make everything she said and did as a parent an expression of these values. In addition, Coach-Parenting created a personalized toolkit for Martha, which allowed her to coach herself to easily find words and actions that were consistent with those values. Martha found that, not only the crazy time between school and bedtime improved, but all areas of her life and parenting became easier and more simplified because she was able to use her core parenting values on a daily basis in everything she did as a mother.


Learning During Pregnancy

“A year into parenthood I’m reminded and encouraged by my coaching skills,” says Selina.


Selina came to Coach-Parenting when she was six months pregnant with her first child. She wanted to be prepared for parenthood and to do things right as a parent – she wanted a basis for making decisions about all aspects of parenting, a foundation to her parenting.


Coach-Parenting helped Selina create a list of core parenting values and taught her how to use her values in everyday decisions about different aspects of parenting. Coach-Parenting taught Selina how to practice being the kind of parent she wanted to be by choosing words and actions that were consistent with her values during her pregnancy. Because Selina had been practicing her coaching techniques during pregnancy, it was easy for her to use her values to guide her parenting after her son was born.


Using Coaching Skills to Detour Unwanted Behavior

“My son has completely stopped hitting and it was almost effortless. I never could have imagined such a result, and in so little time. I’m so grateful for the coaching techniques I learned; they really work!”


Sarah came to Coach-Parenting for help because her young son had started hitting whenever he was frustrated. Nothing she had tried seemed to make any difference and Sarah was afraid her son was going to be kicked out of his preschool. Coach-Parenting taught Sarah how to coach her son through his frustrations and tell her what he wanted, rather than hit.




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