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Share Your Wildest Parenting Stories with

Coach-Parenting and You Could Win a

Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program - SILVER



MAY 25, 2006 AND JUNE 15, 2006



We want to learn about and share your wildest

parenting stories. Send us a story about the

craziest parenting moment you've ever had, and

you will be entered to win the Coach-Parenting

Certified Parent Program-SILVER ($65 retail value),



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To Enter the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest,

Send Your Wildest Parenting Story to





Contest Rules

All entries must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. (PST) on Thursday, June 15, 2006 to be eligible for the drawing. Coach-Parenting is not responsible for any entries that are not delivered due to ISP errors or any other online factors. Any entries received after 5:00 p.m. (PST) on Thursday, June 15, 2006, will not be entered into the drawing.


By sharing stories with Coach-Parenting, entrants give Coach-Parenting the express right to share these stories in print (electronic or otherwise) and agree to relinquish any copyright protections allowed.


The winner of the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest will be selected by a random drawing conducted by Deborah Phillips, on or before Friday, June 16, 2006. Coach-Parenting will not be held liable for any non-winning entries. Coach-Parenting will announce the winner of the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest on its Web site (coach-parenting.com) on Monday, June 18, 2006, on or before 5:00 p.m. (PST). The winner also will receive notice (via e-mail or telephone) from Coach-Parenting on or before this date.


Coach-Parenting reserves the right to ship the prize any time within two weeks of announcing the winner on its Web site. Coach-Parenting also reserves the right to ship the prize via a delivery method of its choice. Should the winner request special shipping arrangements, the winner will be responsible for paying shipping costs. Coach-Parenting is not responsible for a prize that does not reach the winner due to courier error.


The prize awarded to the winner of the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest is not subject to the Coach-Parenting money-back guarantee. If the prize is returned to Coach-Parenting, no refund will be given.


By entering the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest, entrants are also opting into the Coach-Parenting e-mail list and signing-up to receive offers and updates from Coach-Parenting via e-mail. If entrants wish to exclude their e-mail address from the Coach-Parenting e-mail list, they should contact Coach-Parenting at info@coach-parenting.com.


This contest is subject to the laws of the State of Washington. Void where prohibited.


The 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest

A Note from Deborah Phillips, M.S.,

Founder and President of



We all have had memorable parenting events - myself included. With Father's Days around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share these great stories with each other and to laugh about the wild situations we've faced. That's why I created the 'Wilds of Parenting' Story Contest.


I look forward to reading all about these wild adventures as you send us your stories - be sure not to miss the deadline, and visit the Coach-Parenting Web site often to read all the stories from fellow parents around the world.