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Coach-Parenting is a company dedicated to making parenting easier, more positive, and more fulfilling. Through its books, audio CDs, classes, workshops, and speaker services, Coach-Parenting teaches parents how to coach themselves and their children, allowing parents to feel good about their parenting every day.


Coach-Parenting recognizes that today's parents are very busy and we specialize in giving them quick tools that can be used immediately. Our most popular product, the Coach-Parenting Certified Parent Program, teaches parents key parent coaching skills and tools in a single program.


Coach-Parenting has trained and licensed parent coaches in many parts of the world, allowing parents to find easily-accessible Coach-Parenting support.


How Coach-Parenting Was Started

Coach-Parenting was started when Deborah Phillips was trying, unsuccessfully, to potty-train her three-year-old son. After a full year of disappointments and trying every available potty-training technique, Phillips turned to her coaching text books. The books assured Phillips that coaching skills could bring out the best in anyone and she decided to apply the techniques to bringing out the best in her son's potty-training efforts. Within five minutes of applying coaching techniques, Phillips found success in potty-training her son. And that was the beginning of a whole new way of parenting -- Coach-Parenting.


About Our Founder & President

Master of Science Deborah Phillips is the author of the

Coach-Parenting Certified Program and is an expert in

using parent coaching skills.

Passionate about parenting,

Phillips shares her expertise with

parents around the world through

lectures, workshops, classes,

books, and parenting tools.


Phillips is a graduate of Coach

University and is certified

through Comprehensive Coaching

University. She has also served as

an adjunct faculty member at



Phillips has been quoted in several publications, including

Woman's Day magazine, WAC Magazine, The Boston

Parent's Paper, Dads Today, Baby Zone, and Parent Cafe. She has also been featured on television, radio, and the Internet, including appearances on Positive Talk Radio, CBSNews.com, and WebMD.


In 2004, Phillips was honored as the Business and Professional Women USA's Young Careerist. The organization noted Phillips' career accomplishments and her contributions to women in business. Also in 2004, Phillips received the Governor's Recognition Award from Washington State Governor Gary Locke.





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